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Greven is one of the cities located inside the Steinfurt district. Its nearest neighbouring city will be Gallin followed by Luttow-Valluhn and Zarrentin. Greven is known among foreign tourists as an outdoor haven for those who love the nature.

Finding Car For Rent In Greven

If you are planning to go to Greven for a vacation, just book a flight into Muenster / Osnabrueck Airport. It is located just minutes away from the Greven city centre. You can rent a car in Greven airport to go to the city centre. During the short journey, you will be able to see the green and peaceful atmosphere that the city has that attracts thousands to have a vacation here.

Gardens And Lakes of Greven

The unspoiled nature is not that hard to find in Greven just use car for hire in Greven and go to the many parks here. One of the most popular gardens inside Greven will be the Waldsee Lake Park. Not only that it is a perfect venue for a picnic with friends, it is also a great place for a swim. The lake’s water is really clean and clear that you will be able to see the fishes underwater. Other parks nearby Greven will be Notleberg Deer Park and Rieselfelder Reservation Park.

Historic Walk in Greven

Greven also have several monuments and buildings that are significant to the culture and history of Germany. You can enjoy these eye candies if you visit the city centre. One of the most notable structures at the city centre will be the church here. This 12th century church is old but the condition of it does not reflect its age. It looks really majestic and seems like it was built just a couple of years ago. Some of the interesting things that you can see at the church is the sundial and the delicate sculptures built hundreds of years ago.

Cheap Car Rental In Greven

If you are trying to have a perfect vacation in this city, the first thing that you must do is get a transport. Hire a car in Greven and you will be able to visit all the interesting places inside and outside Greven. There are a lot of things to see in this city so you must plan your holiday well. The flea market held every Saturday here is something that you cannot miss. You will be able to buy unique souvenirs that you cannot buy anywhere else at the market like miniature dolls, hand-made crafts and many more.

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