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Freudenstadt refers to a city that is located in the high plateau on the eastern edge of the Black Forest. It serves as the capital of the district of Freudenstadt. One of the features that make Freudenstadt a popular destination with tourists from all over the world is the fact that it has lots of fresh air making it a climatic health spa for thousands of people who come to visit it. The city is also home to the largest marketplace in Germany. Some of the cities near Freudenstadt include Ortenaukreis, Rastatt, Strasbourg, Boeblingen and Reutlingen.

Getting to attractions with car for rent in Freudenstadt

Apart from being the most visited climatic resort in Germany, there is also a wide range of attractions like winter sports that make it an ideal holiday destination as well. Alpirsbach is a magnificent Romanesque church which was founded in the year 1095 by the Benedictine house. It features a Gothic as well as Romanesque cloister. It is located near a museum of natural history and the Alpirsbacher Glasbläserei. Altensteig refers to an old castle that is located in the Nagold valley. This is a very popular destination for tourists in and around the Freudenstadt area. Nearby is the Schloss which dates back to the mid-nineteenth century which belonged to the Barons Freiherren von Gültlingen. To get to these attractions you need to rent a car in Freudenstadt.

Popular destinations around Freudenstadt

Like mentioned earlier there are a number of attractions around Freudenstadt. One such attraction is the Baiersbronn summer and winter resort. It features a Romanesque church which was owned by a Benedictine abbey. To get to this attraction, you need car rental in Freudenstadt.

The market square of Freudenstadt

This market place is the largest in the Federal Republic of Germany and makes one of the town’s most popular attractions. It is nearly a perfect square in shape and is fronted by a number of historical buildings ranging from exquisite arcade houses to numerous shops. The market square has over 50 fountains which are not only an amazing spectacle but also a great way to cool off during the summer season. Other features found in the town square include the Stadhaus and a Protestant Church with right angled naves which served the purpose of separating the sexes. Also on offer are numerous sporting activities and amazing views of the Rhine valley, Vosges Mountains, the Alsace and Black Forest valleys. To get to these attractions you need to hire a car in Freudenstadt.

Exploring other attractions with car for hire in Freudenstadt

Other attractions include the Experimenta which is a museum that offers amazing insights in to the world of nature and technology. The Friedrichsturm observation tower will amaze you with magnificent views from a perch of about 740 metres above sea level. This observation tower was built at the turn of the 19th century to commemorate 300 years of the town’s existence. Other attractions include the Kurviertel and the Town Church.

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