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Frankenthal is a large city located in the state of Rhineland Palatinate in Germany. It first came into existence in the 8th century and was a major seat of political power for several centuries until the age of the epidemic known as the Black Death. The Kingdom of Frankenthal was occupied by Roman rulers. As a result, Roman ruins constitute a major feature of the city. If you visit the city of Frankenthal, you should opt for a car for hire in Frankenthaler to undertake a smooth and hassle-free exploration of the city.

Sightseeing with a Car for Rent in Frankenthal

If you rent a car in Frankenthal, you will be in a position to go and witness a number of exciting sightseeing destinations in the city at your own pace and convenience. A good example of a sightseeing destination which you can venture to with the help of a rental car is the Roman ruins. These are a manifestation of Roman occupation of Frankenthal. You can also go and visit the Frankenthal Castle deep in the forests on the outskirts of the city.

Tourist Activities in Frankenthal

Frankenthal in Germany is very famous for its wine and food festivals. These are usually held all around the year and are visited by tourists in large numbers. You can use the rental car in the city to go and enjoy yourself at one of these festivals. What is most remarkable about the wine festivals in Frankenthal is that you get to enjoy the most expensive brands of alcohol at highly reasonable rates. A glass of champagne would be under 10 euros, which is unimaginable at any other place.

Learning in Frankenthal

There are numerous learning institutes in Frankenthal which you can reach using a rental car. Most of these institutes provide tourists with a beginner course in the German language along with a brief history of the country and the city of Frankenthal.

Exploring Around with a Car Rental in Frankenthal

If you hire a car in Frankenthal, you can embark on an exploration adventure to a number of neighboring destinations. With a rental car, you can travel to the Rhine Valley, which has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You can also go visit the cities of Hunsruck, Nahe, South Eifel, and Westerwald.

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