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Dresden is a large city in the German state of Saxony. It is located in proximity to important cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Mainz, Bremen, and Hamburg. The city of Dresden is characterized by a rich history and a diverse culture. It has an abundance of shopping malls and gourmet dining restaurants, and is consequently a very popular place for travelers to visit. There is much that travelers can do when they visit the city of Dresden, a well known activity being visiting historical sights. If you opt for the services of a car rental in Dresden, you will enjoy an uninterrupted and smooth tour of the city.

Sightseeing with a Car for Rent in Dresden

If you rent a car in Dresden, you will be in a position to access a large number of exotic tourist destinations in the city. You can use the rental cars to travel to the famous Elbe Valley. This has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. You can also use the rental cars to travel to the Artists Court. This is an elegantly decorated area filled with art galleries and coffee shops.

Shopping in Dresden

Karstadt is the largest shopping center in Dresden city that you can easily reach with the hired car services. There are also many stores in Albert Platz where you can purchase a wide variety of products, ranging from books and music CD’s to garments and accessories. Albert Platz is located a few kilometers away from the center of the city. If you opt for the car rental services, it will not take you more than ten minutes to get to this shopping destination from the central area.

Nightlife in Dresden

There are many pubs in Dresden which are full of tourists in all times of the year. One such pub is the Blue Note, where you can enjoy top notch alcoholic beverages and good musical performances by local and, from time to time, international bands. You can use the hired car services to get to this pub and any other establishment of your choice.

Accommodation Reachable with a Car for Hire in Dresden

If you hire a car in Dresden, you can track down a good hotel for yourself in the city. Favored choices for travelers generally include Mercury and Ibis, both of which are medium budget hotels.

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