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Detmold is a city in the North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. Both Rhineland and Westhpalia were part of Prussia. Detmold is surrounded by the city of Dusseldorf, and the districts of Lippe, Paderborn and Minden-Lubbecke. Detmold was first mentioned as a settlement in 783 and became a market town in 1265, leading to rapid economic progress. This led to the increase in settlers and in the number of establishments in Detmold.

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Detmold is believed to be an old residence and garrison town, which means that there are several old establishments and houses still existing in the city. You can feast your eyes on several of these old buildings, however, since Detmold is also a bit damaged during the two World Wars, you may not find them it their original stately appearance. From the airport, there are several services like car rental in Detmold that can bring you around the city while you look for your ideal vacation house. There are different hotels and travel lodges to choose from. Once you’ve chosen the right place for you, you can now start your adventure in Detmold.

Westphalian Open Air Museum

Detmold is home to many museums and monuments that showcase the history and heritage of the city. One of these attractions is the Westphalian Open Air Museum, one of the biggest open air museums in the world. This area was specially preserved and transplanted with rural buildings, like houses, schools, barns and others to recreate an old-style German village. There is also a wide space available for horseback riding and other activities. Look for a car for rent in Detmold and head on over to the Westphalian Open Air Museum. Aside from the museum, you can also visit other sites like Externsteine, a group of fissured sandstones used as a pagan worship site. The Fürstliches Residenzschloß and the Vogelpark Heiligenkirchen are also places that are worth visiting.

Have Fun in Dusseldorf

Detmold is conveniently located near the state capital of Dusseldorf, making it an ideal part of the itinerary for tourists staying in Detmold. Rent a car in Detmold and go for a trip to Dusseldorf, which would only take a few hours. Once you’re there, you can enjoy all you want. Places to visit are the Hetjens Museum, the Pleasure Palace and Gardens, the Rheinturm and the Schloss Jagerhof. After a day of going around the city, cap your trip with a drink or two in the Altstadt, the city’s night-life capital. Have a drink of the world-famous German beer while savoring the fun and noise of the night. You can even visit the Marktplatz if you still have enough energy.

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Detmold may be not as popular as Dusseldorf, but its proximity to the big city makes it an ideal vacation spot for those who want the best of both the big cities and the small ones.

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