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A holiday in Darmstadt will be the best experience for those who love arts and beautiful places. Rent a car in Darmstadt and you will be able to visit all the attractions here. Darmstadt is also strategically located nearby a lot of popular towns like Frankfurt, Strasbourg, Leverkusen and Cologne.

Five Star Car Rental in Darmstadt

If you use car for rent in Darmstadt from us, we will assure you a great vacation. With a car, you will be able to visit the many Jugendstil buildings inside Darmstadt. Jugendstil buildings are art-laden buildings which are colourful and brighten up the whole city. Some of them were destroyed because of the war but there are still a lot of them that survived. Visiting the Jugendstil buildings will be the greatest moment while you are in Darmstadt.

An Evening At Rosenhoehe

Darmstadt is also known for a couple of beautiful gardens and parks. Perhaps the most popular among them all will be Park Rosenhoehe. It is located to the east of Darmstadt and it is a place that you must not miss. Not only that it is filled with beautiful trees and flowers, there are also weekly events held to bring sparkle to your vacation. The rose garden which is a part of the park is also a place that you must see.

The Landmarks Of Darmstadt

Darmstadt has a couple of great landmarks that travellers and tourists must visit. First off will be the Langer Ludwig statue, a monument carved in sandstone which is located at the heart of the city. It was built to remember the first Grand Duke of Hesse with the same name. You simply cannot miss the towering statue if you are travelling around using car for hire in Darmstadt.Next will be the Forest Spiral house, a really unique structure that finished building in 2000. It is a great example of the architectural and colourful designs that the painters of Darmstadt love to use. Another landmark in Darmstadt will be the Frankenstein Castle located at the hilltop of Darmstadt. It is believed that this castle’s age is more than a thousand years old.

Hire A Car In Darmstadt And Save!

Our online car booking service is a really great feature for those who want to have a hassle-free vacation in Darmstadt. We only provide you the best cars for your convenience. Darmstadt will be the most beautiful and colourful city that you will ever visit in Germany.

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