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Dachau is a city located inside the Bavaria State of Germany. With a long history of more than a millennium, a lot of old artefacts and structures can be found in Dachau that appeals to tourists. Rent a car in Dachau and you can travel to these points of interests easily without much hassle.

Money-Saving Car Rental In Dachau

A vacation in Dachau will be a great one with the help of a vehicle. Any types of vehicle that you rent from us will surely make your vacation more enjoyable. Transport travelling baggage to your hotel room or visit nearby towns; a vehicle is something that you must have. You can also use car for rent in Dachau to visit the castle and the concentration camp here. Dachau will offer you a vacation that you will never forget!

The Dachau Castle

The Dachau Palace is an unexpected beauty of this old town. It is a really majestic and proud castle which has been around hundreds of years ago. The admission fee is really cheap and you must see the gardens and the restaurants of the palace. A small picnic or just a walk in the evening at the garden is perfect to wrap up your visit to the Dachau Castle. You can also buy tasty and delicious food from the restaurant of the palace. The service that they have is exceptional and the food is simply outstanding.

Memories Of The Third Reich

Dachau is also known because of World War II. During the war, a concentration camp was built at the outskirts of Dachau to imprison Jews, dissidents and homosexuals. Dachau concentration camp has been converted to a memorial site to show the cruelty of war and a reminder to what could happen if war happens. At this place, you will be able to see the camp prison and the place where the tortures are done. The crematorium to burn dead prisoners is also open to the public. The camp is such a notorious site to visit but it is one of the most important sites in Dachau.

Cheap Car For Hire In Dachau

Dachau offers a mix experience to its visitors. The tour to the castle will be a great and bright experience to a lot of people while the tour to the concentration is a painful reminder to the past. This is what makes Dachau such a great tourism city for Germany. If you are interested to go to other attractions nearby, just hire a car in Dachau. Several popular towns nearby Dachau are Olching, Maisach and Eching.

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