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Cologne is a big and modern city located to the western part of Germany. The fourth biggest city in Germany behind Munich, Hamburg and Berlin with over ten million inhabitants, Cologne has countless attractions around its vicinity that will surely blow your mind away. Rent a car in Cologne and you will have a great trip in and around this city.

Finding Car For Hire In Cologne

Cologne is a big city so you will tend to lose your way here. If you hire a car in Cologne, make sure that you bring together or rent a GPS device to be your tour guide for the trip. The first thing that you will need to do upon reaching Cologne will be checking in to the hotel that you have booked. We will be able to send your car to any place that you want to prevent the hassle of finding us. A GPS can also help you to find the points of interest around this big city. It can also help you find your way at other nearby cities like Leverkusen and Bruhl.

Gothic Cologne Cathedrals

Cathedrals are a common sight in Cologne. However, there will be one cathedral that you will never miss when you visit Cologne. The bluish gleam that it produces during the night makes Cologne Cathedral “Kolner Dom” a really popular place among travellers. A really majestic church with two main towers, it is a great example of Gothic-styled cathedrals which are rare inside Germany. Because of its historical value, “Kolner Dom” has been selected as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Romanesque Cathedrals of Cologne

Gothic-styled churches are not the only attractions inside Cologne. There are also Roman-styled cathedrals inside Cologne which is more common. These cathedrals provide breath-taking sights and picture perfect structures for the travellers. Some of the popular ones are the St Andreas, St Aposteln and St Georg. Utilize car rental in Cologne so that you can visit the three churches. St Andreas can be said as one of the oldest churches in Cologne; St Aposteln is just a stone’s throw to the city centre while St Georg is the only remaining church which used Romanesque pillar from the Rhineland.

Cheap And Easy Car For Rent In Cologne

A lot of places need to be visited in Cologne but words alone cannot describe each and every one of them. Therefore it is a must that you explore Cologne using the car that you rent. Come to Cologne with your friends and you will enjoy sightseeing and enjoying the happenings here all day and night. A vacation in Cologne is easily irresistible and you should be a part of it!

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