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Bonn is one of the biggest cities in Germany coming at number nineteen. From 1949 to 1990, Bonn served as the capital of West Germany. Bonn also served as the capital of the United Germany from the year 1990 to 1999. Some of the cities near Bonn include Cologne, Duren, Mayen- Koblenz, Wuppertal and Duesseldorf.

Getting to religious sites with car for hire in Bonn

There are a number of religious sites in Bonn including Bonn Minster, Doppelkirchel, Old Cemetery Bonn and Kreuzbergkirche. Bonn Minster was constructed between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries and is one of the best Romanesque churches in Germany. It features a crossing tower that is a hallmark dominating the Bonn Minster and which is a unique landmark for the city. The Doppelkirchel is also known as the double church in Schwarzheindorf and was constructed in the mid 12th century. The old cemetery is one of the most renowned religious sites in Germany as a whole. The Kreuzbergkirche was constructed before the first three decades of the 17th century and it features the Heilige Stiege, which is a stairway that is used by the Christian pilgrims. To get to these religious sites you need to hire a car in Bonn.

Castle and modern buildings in and around Bonn

The Godesburg is one of the ancient ruins of a fortress. It is located in Bad Godesburg which was built in the early thirteenth century. As of 1951 to 1961 there was a Hotel and restaurant constructed among the ruins. There are also a number of modern buildings in Bonn. Beethoveenhalle refers to the house where Beethoven was born and it has now been turned into a museum that features a concert hall used for chamber music. Also found here are Beethoveen’s pianos and Stieler paintings. Other modern buildings include the Bundesviertel, Post Tower, Maritim Bonn, Schümann-Bau, Langer Eugen, Kameha Grand, T-mobile and Duetsche Telekom headquarters. To get to these attractions, you need to rent a car in Bonn.

Museums in and around Bonn

There are a number of Museums in and around Bonn. Kunstmuseum Bonn is the museum of art in Bonn; Kunst-und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland exhibits the Guggenheim Collection. Museum Koenig is the museum which represents the location where the first meeting of the Parlamenatarischer Rat was held. Other museums in Bonn include the Bonn Museum, Alexander Koenig Zoological Museum, German Museum, Rhineland Museum and many more. To get to these museums you need a car rental in Bonn.

Getting to other attractions with car for rent in Bonn

There a number of other attractions in Bonn including Adenauer-Allee, Bonn University, Ernst Moritz Arndt House, Ernst Moritz Arndt Monument, Federal Chancellor's Office, German House of History, German National Center of Arts and Expositions, Hofgarten and the International Beethoven Festival among many other attractions.

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