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Bochum refers to a city located in the state of North Rhine-Westpahilia. It is situated in the Rurh region of West Germany. Some of the cities that surround Bochum include Oberhausen, Wuppertal, Duisburg, Duesseldorf and Krefeld. The city grew from the steel and coal industries but there are no mines left and the city has adopted new commercial and industrial interests. In addition to its traditional steel industry, the city is involved in the manufacture of radio, television sets and cars. The city is the home of the German Shakespeare Society.

Getting to tourist attractions with car for rent in Bochum

There are a number of attractions in Bochum. The German Mining Museum is one such attraction and it features a pit with a long winding tower. The museum is also home to geological collections. The other attraction is the Bochum Geological Garden situated on the site of an old pit. In this location you have a very good opportunity to get to see the amazing rock formations. To get to the southern end of the town where the geological garden is located you need to rent a car in Bochum. The other great attraction in Bochum is the Bochum Museum. The museum is home to an amazing art collection which is mainly post World War II.

The Haus Kemnade

The Haus Kemnade is located on the banks of the Ruhr where the Stiepel stands. It is a moated house which was built in the seventieth century. The Haus Kemnade currently houses a collection of materials on the history of Bochum that belongs to the Bochum Museum, a collection of musical instruments as well as a Farmhouse museum. The Helfs Hof is located in the Sevinghausen district. It is a farmhouse that dates back to the sixteenth century. It is now known as the Wattenscheider Heimatmuseum which has a unique collection of craft tools, documents as well as furniture. To get to these attractions, you need to hire a car in Bochum.

Lake Kemnade, Municipal Park and Propsteikirche

Lake Kemnade is a lake that has been formed as the result of the construction of a dam on the river Ruhr. It is a great destination for individuals looking to a regatta course or a boating harbor. The other notable attraction in Bochum is the Municipal Park which features a zoo with over 200 species of over a thousand animals. It also features an outlook tower. The Propsteikirche refers to a Romanesque shrine of Perpetua which is located at the center of Bochum city and which was built in the fourteenth century. To get to these attractions you need a car rental in Bochum.

Getting to other attractions with car for hire in Bochum

Bochum does not have a limited number of attractions. Other attractions in Bochum include, The Railway Museum, Ruhr University, The Ruhr University Botanical gardens, the Sternwarte Planetarium, Stieplel, and the Town Hall among others.

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