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Bautzen is a very interesting and historic little town at the center of Upper Lusatia, located on the River Spree in Saxony. The most interesting aspect about a visit here is the medieval skyline, with sloping red-tiled roofs on homes and a well-preserved "old" section of the town filled with towers and spires jutting out here and there. If you get a car for hire in Bautzen, you can easily get a great view from the old water tower, a leaning tower and a very old Cathedral tower. Throw in four museums, a couple of galleries, a theatre and a tour of the old town, and you have the attractions pretty much covered. The leisure and activities available are quite interesting too, given the mix of German and Sorbian cultures.

Rent a Car in Bautzen for an Attractions Tour

For history lovers, there is a lot to see and enjoy in this 1000 year old town. Get a car for rent in Bautzen and head out for a discovery of the old city center, starting with a visit to St Peter’s Cathedral where both Catholics and Evangelicals worship together. The Cathedral also has one of the three main "lookout towers" in Bautzen. The other two are the old Water Tower and famous Reichenturm or inclined tower. You can also visit the Hexenhaus or Witch's House which dates back to 1604, and the Bautzen City Museum and Sorbian Museum.

Visiting Towns and Attractions Near Bautzen

Bautzen has more than enough attractions and activities to keep tourists occupied for the better part of a week. But if you want to visit the nearby towns and surrounding area around Bautzen, you will find a real treasure trove full of parks, castles, historic buildings and trails. You can visit the Sorbian cultural information center to understand how important Bautzen and Lusatia are to them. Nature lovers can visit the Upper Lusatian Heide und Teichlandschaft (health and pond) area a few miles north of Bautzen just past Guttau, filled with migratory birds, endangered plant and animal species. You can enjoy the attractions in towns nearby like Radibor with its historic 1270 Catholic Parish, Malschwitz with its famous giant oak, and Neschwitz with a grand old Baroque Palace and gardens.

Short Drive Trips from Bautzen

The most preferred short drive from Bautzen is to the city of Dresden, which takes around an hour on the A4 or B6. You can also take stops or detours to historic towns in between like Königsbrück and Wachau. If you go the other way, you can enjoy stopping at equally delightful towns like Niesky and Gorlitz, which is the easternmost town in Germany.

How to Hire a Car in Bautzen

There are at least 10 major agencies with depots offering a car rental in Bautzen for visitors. You can find them all over the town, from Rathenau Platz to the Corn Market and Niederkainaer St. But you do not really have to find them, because it is easier if you use an online service to compare all the deals and vehicles these agencies are offering. Choose the best deal and book your vehicle right now.

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