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Baden-Baden nestled at the foot of the Black Forest where there are public hot mineral baths and spas in the Hotels Bareis, Traube-Tonbach and Brenner’s Park Hotel.

Car for hire in Baden-Baden will get you there to sample the spas in Germany.

Unlike American spas, you have to go in and out of the sauna and mineral pool without any concern for nudity. This historic spa destination was the favorite of royalties and European aristocrats in the 18th and 19th centuries. If you want to sample spas of neighboring cities, your car for rent in Baden-Baden will get you there in style. Aside from its Mercedes Benz Museum, Stuttgart has several spas; Bad Durkheim has its Fango treatment; the festival and spa town of Bad Hersfeld; Bad Homburg vor der Hohe is popular for its medically mineral water and spa; and Bad Honef with its mineral spring called Drachenquelle (Dragon Spring). It would be great to sample them all.

Go for a unique museum tour

Rent a car in Baden-Baden to take you on a ride where you will feel like a czar in the Faberge Museum which was opened in 2009 to exhibit the art collections of Russian, Alexander Ivanov. The most expensive exhibit is the Rothschild Faberge egg, the engagement gift of Empress Beatrice de Rothchild to her brother’s fiancé. There are other rare collections and more Faberge eggs. You will also want to see Sammlung Frieder Burda’s most extensive collections of modern art. Neues Schloss (New Castle) was the 15th century residence for 14 Margraves and grand dukes of Baden and now transformed into a historical museum.

Enjoy the city’s attractions

Hire a car in Baden-Baden and experience these attractions. Win a few Euros in the Spielbank casino which is the oldest gambling club in Germany. In Dostoyessvsky you can play an 18-hole round of golf in the picturesque Fremersberg or choose to relax and find peace in Paradies (The Paradise) which is an Italian Renaissance garden with a tricky fountain. Or take a smooth ride to breathe the refreshing scent of oranges and lemon on the slopes of Florentineberg and the 400 varieties of roses in the Gonneranlage Rose Garden.

Why not use the car rental in Baden-Baden services to visit Holy places?

You should not miss the Byzantine-styled Russian Church with its glistening golden dome. The Stourdza Chapel is an impressive Romanian Orthodox Chapel made of white, red and brown sandstone. The modern, pyramid shaped Autobahn Church of St. Christopher is incomparable. Stiftskirche has an 18-foot high stone carved crucifix and contains the tombs of 14 Margraves in Baden. The medieval Lichtentaller Abbey has a number of guest rooms available which would be an interesting place to stay for a night. For this wonderful odyssey, you owe gratitude to the rented car which brought you comfortably to all these places!

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