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Alzey is classified as a Verband-free town and is the fourth-largest town in Rhenish Hesse. Car for hire in Alzey will take you to the Old Town. Well-kept and surrounded by houses framed with timber, restaurants, cafes and shops grouped around a medieval town well, Old Town is the hub of the town.

Take a winery tour when you visit with a car for rent in Alzey

Basically a wine producer, Alzey has vast estates of farmland and vineyards which are municipally-managed. Due to the popularity of wine, they even select yearly a wine queen whose duties are to attend all major public wine events. With your rented car, you can be given permission to tour vineyards and winemaking facilities, of course. Every third week of September is the Winzerfest (wine festival); it is the biggest event of its kind in Alzey. Selected regional wines are presented to the public. You can taste dishes made from a recipe of wine, sour cream, potato and bacon called Backesgrumbeere. You can pick a bottle or two for your collection while you are here.

Take a museum and church tour

Rent a car in Alzey and experience the convenience of visiting Alzey’s museums and churches. The Geschichtsmuseum der Stadt Alzey was founded in 1906. From being a hospital, it was converted into a museum presenting the cultural and natural history of the Inner Rhenish Hesse. It has three floors and every floor represents a different theme: history of city and folklore, pre and early history artifacts & exhibits and geology & paleontology. Nikolai Church is the oldest church located at the upper market. It was opened as a chapel in 1350 and later converted into a church. St. Joseph Kirche is a beautiful church and the place has been used for worship since 1700.

Other places of interest

The center of many activities is in the Rossmarkt symbolized by a bronze horse and sculpture of an Ondine standing before the Fischmarkt (Fish market). Many town events are hosted in this market which is open to the public. Alzey like most other German cities and towns were not spared from the holocaust of the Second World War and a large number of the Jew population here also perished at the hands of the Nazis. You can visit the memorial plaque listing the names of all the Jews from the town who had been sent to concentration camps and perished during that time. It is a somber reminder to the reality of war in that era.

Car rental in Alzey is a great way for nightlife and countryside visits

Dance the night away in one of the many dance clubs in Alzey and get wild in one of the many sports bars in the area. Car rental will bring you to the start of the Weinbergshäuschen Wanderung which is a walk to Rhenish-Hessian, a rambling countryside located between Alzey, Weinheim as well as Heimersheim. Lonsheim is just 3 km from Alzey so you can easily travel to this town which is known as the Rhenish-Hessian Switzerland. Albig is a wine growing community less than 2 km away. Kettenheim is barely 6 km away and the town has interesting sites as their Town Hall built in 1686 which has richly carved timber framing and oriel windows built into a single hall. Hire a car in Alzey and feel like Aladdin on his flying carpet reaching faraway places in comfort.

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