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Is Paderborn the next destination in your itinerary? Why not add car hire Paderborn to the checklist. If what you need is simplicity and efficiency of traveling, car hire Paderborn airport is the way to go. A short drive of 18km will bring you to the heart of the city.

Vitals of Paderborn

Located in the Eastern side of North-Rhine Westphalia, Paderborn serves as the capital of the district under the same name -- Paderborn. Its name derived from the Pader River as it sits at the spring of it. With a population of approximately 145,000 people, Paderborn started off back in the 8th century as a bishopric. This modern city invites you to uncover its story for yourself!

Hire Car Paderborn AirportTo Unveil The City

Have time for alluring music during your visit? Paderhalle is the host to regular performances by the Nordwestdeustche Philharmonie. Revel in the beautiful sounds from the string instruments and relax your mind and body. Performing arts and concerts are also held by Paderhalle when there are scheduled plays and performances.

Museum in der Kaiserpfalz is a place where you can learn more about the Charlemagne. The beautiful design of the museum itself should appeal to you with its ceremonial chapels and cellars that have lasted since the 12th century.

If you have time for fun family bonding, the Luna Park Fair promises a great variety of activities for you and your travel companions. Dating back since 1920, the fair based its foundations on the oldest Spring Fair of the city.

Every year during Christmas, the streets will be filled with a waft of the festive scent. The Christmas Market will be held for one whole month prior to the Holiday itself. Be prepare to spend and shop for your truly unique presents for your loved one. Rent a car in Paderborn airport prior this shopping free to give you a mean to carry back all of the wonderful and unique items.

Paderborn And Beyond

Venture further into Borchen or Lichtenau for a greater discovery of the heart of North-Rhine Westphalia. With the freedom of traveling, your rental car can bring you beyond the destinations that are reachable by public transport or by foot. Discover your own Germany with customized visits to restaurants and pubs for the local flavor.

Book Paderborn airport rental cars today to exploit the joys of traveling freely and in your own control.

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