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Planning a trip to the Westphalia’s cultural centre of Muenster? If so, add car hire Muenster into your itinerary as your mode of transportation. Car hire Muenster airport will transport you from the airport to the heart of the city as the distance between them is a whole 25km to travel.

A History of Muenster

Muenster is the capital of Muenster land and is located on the Aa River, in the state of North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. It first started off as a small town in the 8th century when the first missionary arrived here. During WWII, almost the whole of the old town and a huge part of the city was bombed. Today, Muenster has around 270,000 people living in it as compared to 100,000 people a century ago. You will love it in Muenster as this cultural centre has much to offer to its visitors.

The Main Sights of Muenster

Be sure to take a peek at the wondrous St. Paul’s Cathedral of Muenster. This 13th century Cathedral that was restored after WWII encompasses both the early Gothic and Romanesque styles. If you are there before noon, check out the Church’s astronomical clock which shows planet movements. On each noon the Glockenspiel music will be played.

If you are a shopaholic and happen to be in town, then you are in for a treat at Muenster Arkaden. This recently built shopping centre has major brands ranging from Zara to Esprit. The Graphik museum Pablo Picasso is just around the corner of the mall so you can check out Picasso’s masterpieces to indulge your sights.

The only brewery left in town out of 150 of breweries before the war is the Pinkus Mueller. Once you have visited the brewery, hop in the car and drive over to the City Museum, where you can learn more about Muenster up from when it first started and its ups and downs that the city had to endure. Just remember to hire car Muenster airport to make all the visiting a swift one.

If you need some greenery to unwind your senses, head over to Botanischer Garten Muenster for a refreshing breather. The botanical garden consists of a total of more than 8,000 species of flora and has a selection of rare trees. The picturesque layout of the garden is one you should not miss.

More To Muenster

There is more to Muenster that you just have to experience yourself. Rent a car in Muenster airport to take advantage of the mobility. With the help of a car, traveling to any destination will be easy and enjoyable.

Muenster airport rental cars are available for booking and you shouldn’t miss the chance to enjoy the benefits of car hire.

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