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Would you hope to one day travel to the urban city of Leipzig in Germany ? If you do, car hire Leipzig has exactly what you need. By using a car hire Leipzig airport, you will be able to enjoy a total freedom of traveling around town. Car hire allows a swift transition from the airport to town.

Digging Deep Into The Heart of Leipzig

Leipzig’s origin dated back to the 11th century where the first documented mention of the city was discovered. A city that was once built around commerce as the economy ground has now grown into a full bloom city where an annual trade fair, Leipzig Trade Fair still lasts from when it was first held in the Middle Ages. Now a city of approximately 521,000 in population, it is the largest city of Saxony, Germany. If what you want is to experience a different kind of city lifestyle, Leipzig is where you should be.

Explore The Leipzig Skyline

Leipzig is known as the heart of both classical and modern art and music. The city has many opera houses, botanical gardens and venues which hold a lot of historical value. A trip to this cultural city warps you back in time when music and poetry filled the streets.

One of the places that you have to visit is the St. Thomas Church. Here you can experience of what it was like for Johann Sebastian Bach when he worked and gathered inspirations for his masterpieces.

If you’re an aspiring historian or just a curious traveler, do not pass the chance to learn about the city’s history in Altes Rathaus,it used to be a city hall back in the 16th century but now houses a museum. Rent a car in Leipzig airport to visit all of the important landmarks now.

Say you happen to be in town during the early summer, you must pay a visit to the annual Wave-Gotik-Treffen. WGT is an annual international Gothic event where electro music is played for fans who gathered from around the world. As a traveler, you have to take part in this event as it is the largest Gothic event of the globe.

Getting Around Saxony

So you have covered the whole of Leipzig and wish to travel further to cover more land. A notable next stop on your list should be Meissen, a place where you can check out the porcelain crafts produced in the city. Hire car Leipzig airport to get that extra flexibility and freedom to travel around in within your tight schedule.

Leipzig airport rental cars are the way to go if you wish to complete your musical journey in Leipzig.

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