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Georgia is surrounded by the Black Sea on the west, Turkey and Armenia on the south, Russia on the north, and Azerbaijan on the east. The country has gone through much civil unrest and occupation by Russia in the past. Georgia received independence just recently, in 1991. Up until 2003, the country was struggling with an economic crisis and civil upheaval. However, it has found support from the rest of world and is slowly inching towards a more stable national environment. It is Georgia's natural landscape and rich history that draws in many a tourist to this amazing country. Mountain scenery and old towers make it a perfect place for a long vacation.

Visit Tbilisi with a car rental in Georgia

Tbilisi, the capital of George, is by far the most modern city in the country. You can hire a car in Georgia and check out the many landmarks in this city. All political buildings, including the parliament and the Supreme Court, are located here. Set amidst hills, the city of Tbilisi is a beautiful place brimming with history and culture. From museums to art galleries to eye-catching architecture, Tbilisi has it all. Visit the Janashia Museum which features thousands of artefacts of Caucasian and Georgian origin. You can take guided tours at the museum for just 10 GEL. Tbilisi boasts of a decent nightlife and has quite a few pubs and night clubs. Do visit the restaurants in this part of the country to get a taste of the authentic Georgian food.

Exploring the stunning wonderland of Kazbegi

Located close to the Russian border, Kazbegi is a striking locale in the Khevi region of Georgia. The snowy mountain peak of Mt. Kazbek will welcome you to the city, along with the beautiful church of Tsminda Sameba. You can take a car for hire in Georgia and drive along the Georgian Military Highway to reach Kazbegi. It is located close to Tbilisi and is one of the favourite destinations for back packers. When in Kazbegi, do visit the Gergeti Church, which is a recognisable icon for Georgia. This church is approximately 500 years old and can be reached through a steep 90 minute climb or by taking a car for rent in Georgia.

Some fun and enjoyment at Batumi

This fun loving city is a great idea for a weekend getaway or a day trip in Georgia or even from Turkey. Located on the Black Sea coast, Batumi has a nice laid back feel about it. Relax by the sea with the backdrop of stunning mist laden Turkish mountains, which can be seen from Batumi. You can visit the many interesting places around or go to the Aquapark for some family fun. It has an interesting ocean life collection which is a favourite of most kids.

Rent a car in Georgia for an amazing vacation

If unlimited enjoyment is what you are looking for then Georgia is the place for you. Set in beautiful mountain backdrops and amidst stunning Soviet architecture, this place offers the best hospitality and an amazing vacation for all kinds of travellers, and will be all the more enjoyable if you arrange to rent a car while you are there.

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