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Libreville is a beautiful city and a significant port on the River Komo, very close to the seacoast, in Gabon. People all around the world, flock to Libreville to enjoy the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and marvel at the Gabonese sculptures on the beach. If you’re looking forward to a wonderful vacation in Africa, with authentic African delights to savor, Libreville is a must-visit center. Though there is a sophisticated transport system available to move about Libreville, it is advisable that you move around in a car for hire in Libreville.

Tour around the city with a car rental in Libreville

The most popular landmark in Libreville is the Seafront, known for its lovely promenades and beautiful ocean breeze wafting in from the Atlantic. You also ought to visit the Arboretum de Sybang in the city for leisurely strolls, and the Mbolo Bazaar for souvenirs from Gabon. If you have the time to spare, we suggest a drive to the isolated beaches of Cap Santa Clara, Cap Esterias, and Port Mole with a car for rent in Libreville.

Fly to Port Gentil Island for a snazzy nightlife and shopping experience

Port Gentil, located about 100 miles away from Libreville is a wonderful industrial cantonment and the next largest city in Gabon. Once in Port Gentil, you can enjoy the Waterfront, a huge tourist trap with several commercial outlets stocked in its midst, and the gardens in the neighborhood. Port Gentil is especially famous for its fine dining amenities and sprawling nightlife, which lures many tourists and expats to the place.

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, we suggest heading to the swamps in the vicinity and going on a guided safari. You will need to fly to Port Gentil, since there is no road that connects it to the mainland. However, in Port Gentil, there are car rentals to help you drive about.

Visit Coco Beach, a charming boutique destination in the vicinity

Instead of using buses, trains, and trams that are packed to capacity during the tourist season, you can hire a car in Libreville and head to Coco Beach, a beautiful place to holiday, which is about an hour away from Libreville. Situated at the banks of the Muni River, Coco Beach has abundant sun-kissed beaches, beautiful buildings, and a small-town atmosphere. The people in Coco Beach are very friendly and outgoing and you’ll find numerous enthusiastic guides around to help you explore the fishing communities in the vicinity.

Rent a car in Libreville and head to Nkan, a small fishing settlement

If you’re in Gabon looking to sample authentic African culture, you must head to Nkan, also called Ntoum, about an hour away from Libreville. The hallmark of Nkan is the colorful bazaar where you can shop for inexpensive trinkets, handicrafts, and other African merchandise. Santa Clara Beach is nearby and can be visited easily by car. For a great holiday in Africa, you must visit Libreville and soak in the sites of the cities in the vicinity.

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