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Libreville is a very popular tourist destination that attracts large numbers of tourists from around the world. Libreville has an interesting landmarks. There are also some nice tourist attractions in Libreville, such as St Marie’s cathedral, the National Museum and a French cultural center. The best way to explore Libreville is by availing of car hire Libreville services.

A History of Libreville

Libreville was inhabited by Mpongwe tribal people before the French occupied it in the year 1839. During the year 1846, a ship from Brazil, carrying slaves, was attacked by French naval places near a place called Loango. The French freed the slaves on board the ship and they founded the city of Libreville in 1848. Libreville essentially means Free City. Libreville was considered the most important port in French Equatorial Africa during 1934-1946. It was an important focus during the Gabon battle in the year 1940. Today, it is a very minor administrative center and trading post with French as the dominant language.

Car Hire Services in Libreville

Upon your arrival in Libreville Airport, you can avail of car hire Libreville airport services in order to get to the main city area of Libreville quickly and easily. If you rent a car in Libreville airport, it will be a flexible experience as everything can be booked online through CarHireMarket. The hire car Libreville airport will ensure that your local transportation needs are taken care of.

Tourism in Libreville

Libreville has some very well-known tourist attractions. One such attraction is St Marie’s Cathedral. This is a cathedral which was built shortly after the French occupied Libreville in the 1850’s. When you avail of the Libreville airport rental cars, you will be taken to this church as well as various other well-known places in Libreville. You do not need to worry about missing out any important tourist location during your stay here.

Thus, the car hire services are a very convenient way of exploring the French colony of Libreville.

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