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The French Polynesian Island of Moorea is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Moorea is visited by several western tourists who travel to the French Polynesia. The Island’s natural scenic beauty constitutes as the main tourist attraction. You can explore this island with car hire Moorea services.

A History of Moorea

When Charles Darwin was in the island of Moorea, he was inspired to formulate his theory concerning coral atoll formation. According to him, the Moorea island was just like a picture, particularly the barrier reef which encircled the island. The island was also home to Don, the beachcomber until his house was destroyed by a severe tropical cyclone.

The United States Exploring Expedition has paid a visit to this island when touring the South Pacific in the year 1839. A particular group on the Moorea Island attracted more than a hundred people to meet the new purported republic, Hau Pakumoto, in 2010.

Car Hire Services in Moorea

When you arrive at the Moorea Airport, you can avail of the car hire Moorea airport services to get to the main city. When you rent a car in Moorea airport, you can plan out your car hire needs on our website, choosing the best car to fit your needs.

Tourism in Moorea

The amazing natural wilderness and beauty of Moorea attracts thousands of international tourists every year. The island has two very stunning bays known as the Opunuho Bay and Cook’s Bay. The latter is named after the English naval Captain John Cook. When you avail of the Moorea airport rental cars, you will be taken to both these lovely bays. The hire Car Moorea airport will fix your schedule accordingly. Thus, car hire services can be a very easy and convenient way of exploring the French island of Moorea.

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