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Kourou, in French Guiana, is an amazing tourist destination which offers you wonderful things to do and amazing attractions that are important for an excellent vacation. With so much to be explored, the only problem could be your transportation. However this problem can be solved in no time if you get a car for hire in Kourou. With your own car, there is nothing you can’t explore. So rent a car and get ready for a vacation of a lifetime.

Rent a car in Kourou to visit the magical Salvation Islands

One of the foremost places to visit in Kourou is the Iles du Salut islands, which are located only 15 km away from the town. If you are of the adventurous type, then this is the place that you must visit. The reason is that the islands are surrounded by shark infested waters and you will find some very alluring attractions that make the trip to these islands worth your time. You will also come across the prisons that were once operated here and will also find places where the colonists came after escaping from the locals on the mainland in the 18th century. So these islands are a perfect blend of scenic beauty and history.

Visit the Centre Spatial Guyanais

The town of Kourou is famous for its space center known as the Centre Spatial Guyanais. It would be a sin if you miss this attraction during your stay here as it offers visitors an elaborate three hour tour that includes most of the Centre and its facilities. You will be amazed to know that more than half of the commercial satellites that have been launched are from this Centre. The reason is that its location is very close to the equator, which allows the rockets a further push through a natural slingshot effect. Do hire a car in Kourou so that you can spend as much time as you like at the Centre without being dependent on the local tour groups or the local transportation.

Explore the Ile Royale

You must also visit the Ile Royale, which is the administrative centre of the colony. It has many relics of the colonial rule which once dominated the region. This includes the Old Director’s House, which is still in its pristine condition. You can also enjoy tours of its exhibitions and display area where you will find many engaging and intimating objects and relics of the past. After the Old Director’s House, you can proceed to the beaches found in St Joseph where you can enjoy a relaxing dip.

Many advantages of using car rental in Kourou

There are numerous advantages that you can enjoy when you have a car all to yourself. The best thing is that you will have the freedom to be anywhere in the town. Second, imagine the opportunity to explore at your own pace a totally unknown area which is teeming with attractions and sights that you will definitely fall in love with. After you get a car for rent in Kourou, you can also turn your vacation into a road trip and visit the neighbourhood which includes Village Bresilien, Bourg de Kourou, Kouro, Le Bourg and the Village Saramaka.

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