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Located on the north-eastern coast of South America, French Guiana is an overseas French territory. It is flanked by Brazil on the east and south while Suriname is located on its western side. Although most of the country is inaccessible due to dense rainforests, it attracts curious tourists from all over the world. The highest peak in the country is Bellevue de l'Inini, located in the Maripasoula region. French Guiana also has many tiny islands located just off its coast, like the infamous Devil's Island, Iles du Connetable, and the Salvation Islands.

Explore Cayenne with a car rental in French Guiana

Cayenne is one of the most populated cities in French Guiana and also its capital. This pleasant city has a welcoming tropical climate and the French-colonial architecture gives it an elegant charm. Cayenne is an important place in French Guiana and offers splendid shopping options, restaurants, museums and some traditional market places. You can rent a car in French Guiana and travel to this amazing city which has a host of tourist attraction like Chinatown, Botanical Gardens, and a lot more. One of the best times in the city is during of the Carnival, which takes place towards the end of February. There are parades, local food stalls and a lot of celebrating that starts off from Epiphany and continues right up to Ash Wednesday.

Travel to French Guiana's border city - Saint-Laurent

Situated right at the border of French Guiana and Surinam, Saint Laurent is an interesting location. You can take a car for hire in French Guiana and visit this city for its natural beauty and dense history. The Maroni River passes through Saint-Laurent, which forms a natural border between the two nations and offers home to many exotic marine life forms. Saint-Laurent's claim to fame is the Rue Tanon, a place where the famous Camp de la Transportation is located. This is where many prisoners were sent before their processing to Devil's Island. Even Papillon was sent to Saint-Laurent before he was imprisoned. There are guided tours available which will take you through the history and show you the cells and execution areas.

Visit Kourou's rocket launch site

Located on the coast between Sinnamary and Cayenne, Kourou is an important place for Europe's space programmes. The presence of the European Space Agency has resulted in unprecedented development for this city and job opportunities for the locals. You can take a car for rent in French Guiana and travel through Kourou's beautifully European city center. A former penal colony, Kourou is now mostly known for the European Space Agency.

Enjoy your stay when you hire a car in French Guiana

If you are looking for a serene and calm place to spend some time amidst nature then French Guiana is a perfect place for your next vacation. A tourism friendly country, you can enjoy the hospitality while taking in the history and rich culture that this place has to offer.

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