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Toulon is a renowned city in the country of France in Europe. It is situated in proximity to important cities like Toulouse, Paris, Lyon, Versailles, and Calvi. The city came into existence sometime during the late tenth century and became a very important political center. The city is characterized by beautiful locations and sounds, all of which can be very conveniently explored if you opt for a car rental in Toulon.

Exploring the city with a Car for Hire in Toulon

Toulon, France houses many fascinating sights that you can visit if you hire a car in Toulon. One of these sights is the Toulon old town. It was built sometime in the thirteenth century. Another place that you can visit by using a rental car is the large concentration camp in the city. This is a place where thousands of Jews were massacred during the period of Nazi rule in Europe. It has now been preserved to commemorate the deaths of those thousands of Jews.

Finding Accommodations in Toulon

Hotels and motels are not at all difficult to come across if you have a car rental at your disposal. The motels are slightly less expensive than the hotels and provide comfortable rooms with heating facilities inside the rooms and bathrooms. The Toulon Motel is the city’s most well-known motel which charges about forty Euros a night in the off seasons and fifty Euros a night during the tourist seasons. If you are a backpacker, the Toulon Youth Hostel is the perfect accommodation destination for you.

Visiting Museums in Toulon

There is an art museum in Toulon which you can access with the help of a rental car. Here you can learn a lot about the importance of the city of Toulon in the art history of France. There is also a renowned literature museum in the city which houses writings and poetic works by prominent French writers.

Finding Eateries with a Car for Rent in Toulon

Chinese and Indian cuisines are both extremely popular in the French city of Toulon. If you rent a car in Toulon, you can make your way to Li’s, a renowned Chinese restaurant in the city.

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