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Strasbourg is a really important city, not only to France but also to Europe. This is because Strasbourg is the official seat for the European Parliament. This parliament is formed to become a body for the European Union and various issues concerning the countries in the region like England and Belgium will be discussed with representatives from other countries.

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Strasbourg is not only known for political purposes but also for other things. Strasbourg has a couple of attractions around the area and there are also several festivals held here throughout the year. If you want to have a vacation at this city, you must book a flight into Strasbourg International Airport or Baden-Baden Airport in Karlsruhe, Germany. Karlsruhe is the next nearest airport to Strasbourg because the city is really close to the border of the country. Once you are here, use car for hire in Strasbourg to travel around the city.

Biking in Strasbourg

If you want to feel closer to the city and its residents, you can go sightseeing using bicycles. Not only that it will be more fun, it is also healthy for your body. The city is mostly flat so you can cycle leisurely around the place. You can rent bicycles at a couple of places around Strasbourg like rue du Maire Kuss and rue des Bouchers. You will see a lot of bicycles around the city because most tourists will travel using them. It is a unique and fun way to explore Strasbourg and it is also one of the charms that the city has. However, you can always hire a car in Strasbourg to travel around.

Places in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a really magnificent city for a holiday. A lot of places are worth a visit and we will highlight some of the best. It will be a waste if you go to Strasbourg and fail to visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame. It is Strasbourg’s finest building and you cannot see any other cathedrals built like it. In the other note, Palais des Rohan is a fine place for a good exploration around French palaces. As the palace is huge, it is now being converted as Museum of Fine Arts, Archaeological Museum and Museum of Applied Arts. Another museum that is worth a visit is the Musee Alsacien.

Using Car For Rent In Strasbourg

If you are fond of historical visits and tours, you will have a grand experience in Strasbourg. Not only known for its fine buildings, you can also find unique souvenirs at this place. If you visit Strasbourg during Christmas, a visit to the Christmas markets is a must. Cycling is the best way to explore Strasbourg but it will be a hassle if you bring children alone. Therefore, utilize car rental in Strasbourg and you can still have a perfect French vacation.

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