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Rochefort, with Royan to the Southern part and La Rochelle to the North, is one of the most beautiful and yet, one of the most neglected French military base points in the country. Located on the River Charente, Rochefort has a number of attractions to offer travelers in search of offbeat travel spots. With a car rental in Rochefort, you are sure to enjoy driving around in this extremely charming port city delving into the attractions on offer.

Hire a car in Rochefort and move around

The historical significance of Rochefort lies in the naval base constructed during the First World War. Though Rochefort has a modern feel to it, it is predominantly inspired by Medieval French designs in all its structures and manors adding glitz to its already captivating cityscape. You can move around the beautiful breweries in this place, the various boulevards with their own attractions, and Cordorie Royal, a huge rope factory in France with a guided tour. Opting for public transport to travel around Rochefort can be a pain and you would be much more comfortable exploring the place in a car for rent in Rochefort at your own idyllic pace.

Other downtown attractions in Rochefort

Rochefort is very popular owing to its Colbert Palace, a majestic construction offering you wonderful views of the entire city and a great place to have beer and French fries with panache. The shipyard housing the famous Hermione Ship is a wonderful place to visit while you are in Rochefort. The Grand Arsenal where ships are repaired and overhauled is also a huge tourist attraction with dense wildlife around the old docks. You should also visit the beautiful Transporter Bridge across the Charente River, a typical bridge in the area.

Move around Rochefort and have a lovely time

Rochefort has a plethora of sightseeing locations and activities for you to delight in on short trips from the city with a car for hire in Rochefort. Amongst the myriad places in its vicinity, the Begonia Conservatory and the sea farm in Ile Madame is a must visit attraction. You could also head to Yves, famous for its unique marshes; La Cabane de Moins, for its wonderful natural trails, and the Eurothermes, for some of the best spa parlour experiences in the world. A day at the Fouras Island would be the perfect way to conclude your trip to Rochefort.

Rent a car in Rochefort and explore La Rochelle in the vicinity

La Rochelle is located very close to Rochefort and is a beautifully maintained harbour city in France. Though very modern in outlook, there are shades of the colonial French historical sites everywhere you turn that are effortlessly blended into the city’s vibrant skyline. Whether it is shopping, spending time on the waterfront, or exploring the myriad attractions that La Rochelle has on offer, you can enjoy a typically French day out here. Rochefort, is thus, a wonderful place to spend your vacation and you are sure to have a fascinating time here.

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