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Poitiers refers to a city that lies on the banks of the River Clain; It also doubles up as a commune and capital of the Poitou-Charentes region as well as Vienne Department. The town centre is picturesque and the streets are rich in historically important architecture. Some of the cities that lie in close proximity to the city of Poitiers include Vienne, Deux-Sevres, Eure-et-Loir, Indre-et-Loire and Maine-et-Loire.

Exploring attractions with car for hire in Poitiers

There are a number of attractions in Poitiers. One such attraction is the Notre-Dame-la-Grande which was constructed in the eleventh and twelfth centuries and which is famous for its magnificent Romanesque interior. The other attraction is the St Hilaire le Grand which refers to a Romanesque church that also dates to the eleventh and twelfth centuries. It features the seven domed aisles which were badly damaged when the tower fell in the year 1590 and the façade. The church however underwent restoration in the nineteenth century. St Jean refers to a cathedral which is known as the Baptistery of St-Jean. Many consider it as the oldest surviving Christian building in France. It was constructed in the years 356 to 368 on Roman foundations but was to be enlarged in the seventh as well as eleventh centuries with the addition of a porch and an apse. It also features frescoes which date to the eleventh to fourteenth centuries. The building now serves as the home to an archaeological museum. To get to these attractions, you need to rent a car in Poitiers.

Must see attractions in Poitiers

The Abbaye de Nouaillé Maupertuis refers to a Benedictine abbey and Romanesque church which dates back to the eleventh and twelfth centuries. It is home to a tomb which dates back to the tenth to eleventh centuries. The other attraction is the Futuroscope leisure and amusement park that feature a wide screen regarded as the biggest in Europe. To get to these attractions you need to hire a car in Poitiers.

Must visit attractions in Poitiers

The other must see attraction is the Cathedral of St-Pierre which was constructed between the years 1166 and 1271. It features a number of attractions like towers and an upper façade which date to the fourteenth to fifteenth centuries. It also boasts of luxuriously decorated doorways with strategically placed Last judgment, Death of the Virgin and the life of St. Thomas. Additionally, it also features an exquisite stained glass, luxuriously carved choir-stall both of which date to the thirteenth century and the organ loft which dates to the late eighteenth century. To get to these attractions you need car rental in Poitiers.

Getting to other attractions with car for rent in Poitiers

There are a number of attractions that one must visit in Poitiers. Some of them include Hôtel de Ville Musee Chez, Musée Sainte Croix and St Porchaire among others.

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