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Nimes is a popular city inside the Gard department in France. It is really popular among tourists who love to travel to places with rich Roman history. To get into Nimes, one would need to buy a flight into Nimes-Garons Airport. It is the nearest airport to Nimes which is around twenty kilometres away. To reach Nimes, you can rent a car in Nimes airport. You can also hire a car in Nimes through our online car rental system that let you choose your most preferred car for your travels.

Use Car Rental In Nimes And Go Exploring!

There are a lot of places to go in Nimes, despite its small size. The centre of attention of the city will be the Roman arena known as Les Arenes. It was built in the first century but still being preserved in a really excellent way. It is also one of the best-preserved Roman structures in the world. This huge arena was used for gladiator fights and it is able to accommodate around twenty thousand spectators.

Temple of Jewel

Just behind the Les Arenes, you will be able to see another spectacular and famous landmark in Nimes. Known for its jewel-like structure, Masion Carree is another Roman structure in Nimes’ soil. It was also built in the first century as a dedication for Emperor Augustus’ sons. Nearby, Carree d’Art was built by Norman Foster in the modern age which features a collection of French and Western European arts. if you are feeling romantic with your lover, you can go to the rooftop café at the Carree d’Art which offers a scenic view of Masion Carree and its surroundings.

A Feast in Nimes

Nimes is also known by tourists for its wide range of traditional foods. The local specialty here is known as brandade. It is a dish made of chopped cod mixed with several ingredients like milk, oil, garlic and mashed potatoes. You will be able to taste this simple but delicious dish at almost any restaurant of the city. Tapenade is another local specialty here which is usually served as an appetizer. It is toasted bread with olives, olive oil and garlic.

The Best Car For Hire In Nimes

Tourists usually opt for compact cars during a vacation in Nimes. This is because it will be easier to go to places using compact cars. You can also save more fuel and money by using compact cars in Nimes. Some of the cities nearby Nimes are Lunel, Ales and Avignon. Car for rent in Nimes which is available at our website will be the best choice of car rental service you can get. Make sure that you book a car from us before coming to this city for a splendid vacation.

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