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Mulhouse is a city in Alsace, France. It forms a triangle with Freiburg across the German border due west of the Rhine and with Basel across the Swiss border. Mulhouse has many different layers of attractions for visitors. The historic architecture reflects the town's former Swiss affiliation and German annexation, and as an important staging post of the French Revolution. Mulhouse has an unusually large collection of interesting museums devoted to different subjects and an equally fascinating zoo and botanical garden. To explore and experience all these varied attractions, you will need to get a car for hire in Mulhouse.

Rent a Car in Mulhouse for a City Tour

You can start your tour with a stop at one of the two tourist information offices. One is in the place de la Réunion, in what was the former town hall built in 1552. Assuming you have got a car for rent in Mulhouse and you are now armed with tourist brochures, you can continue with the history tour with attractions like St. John Chapel, Steinbach Villa, Mieg House, and the neo-Gothic St. Etienne Church. Surprisingly enough, Mulhouse combines its ancient history very well with the modern architecture in the city center like the Tour de l’Europe – a triangular skyscraper which is meant to represent the three borders (France, Germany and Switzerland) that meet near the city. If possible, enjoy a meal at the restaurant on the top floor of the tower. The zoo has over 1200 animals and the botanical gardens are exquisite too.

Take a Museum Tour in Mulhouse

Many towns have a lot of museums, but they are mostly about art and general history. Mulhouse is a special case, because the museums here are very diverse. There is a National Car Museum with 400 cars, and the French Railway Museum has over 100 steam engines, luxury carriages, electric engines and a huge collection of railway artifacts. Also worth a visit are the Electropolis Museum dedicated to electricity and a textile print museum which has cotton prints from all over the world.

Big-City Day Trips Out of Mulhouse

The top choice for a day-trip from Mulhouse is Strasbourg, which is about an hour and a half away on the A35 or A5. Other big cities nearby that are worth visiting are across the border in Germany or Switzerland. You can foray across the Rhine and go past Muellheim and Bad Krozingen to Freiburg which is just 45 minutes away on the A5. If you choose to go the other way on the A35, you can reach Basel in 35 minutes.

How to Hire a Car in Mulhouse

There are three agencies offering a car rental in Mulhouse for visitors. One is on Rue de l'Île Napoléon, another one on Rue de Bâle and the third one on Rue Didenheim. You can simply compare all three agencies online, along with others from nearby towns that may be offering pickups and drop-offs in Mulhouse. Choose the best deal you can find and book your vehicle right now.

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