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Lesparre-Médoc is a small city located in the country of France. It is a part of the Gironde Department, which is, in turn, located in the region of Aquitaine. You will find the city in the southwestern region of the country. Gironde River is quite close to the city, and the sea also doesn’t lie very far off. The city features some very pleasant attractions and is also surrounded by many cities and towns such as Bégadan and Couquéques, which can conveniently be explored through a car rental in Lesparre-Médoc.

Hire a Car in Lesparre-Médoc and Travel Conveniently

Exploring the region can be done most conveniently through a car on hire, as it is undoubtedly the most comfortable mode of transport available to tourists. Besides comfort, it also brings flexibility, which allows you to make desired changes in your schedule or itinerary. Travel to any part of the city as you wish. In addition, it is much safer to travel by car than by public transport, and it enables you to explore the city with a free mind.

Attractions within the City

You must definitely go and see the Église Paroissiale Saint-Pierre (Parish Church of Saint Pierre). The church features some very beautiful and archaic facade that you can’t help but gape at. The interiors of the church are equally impressive, making it a must-visit place. Another interesting place is the Église Saint Martin de Prignac en Médoc (Church of Saint Martin in the Médoc Prignac). The church features some very amazing sculptures made in boulders and a lot more. You must also rent a car in Lesparre-Médoc and explore the attractions of the city of Queyrac.

Things to Do in the City

The city is popular for being home to an old castle that was erected in the Higher Middle Ages. You must definitely visit this castle, as it is very beautiful and also holds important historic significance. The castle is known as Château Escot-Lesparre and is located nearby. The city is full of amazing restaurants that serve both French and non-French cuisine. Dine with your family or friends at a restaurant and have a great time.

Get a Car for Rent in Lesparre-Médoc and Explore More

There are more cities located in the surrounding region of the city that can easily be visited. Take a car for hire in Lesparre-Médoc to go and explore the nearby cities such as Vertheuil and Blaignan.

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