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Corte, the centre of Corsican culture, is located on the French island of Corsica, between Ajaccio and Bastia, and 900 km from Paris. It is 1,200 m above sea level. Though located in the mountains with no beaches, Corte is a famous tourist town. Its strategic position at crossroads gave it power to control the island’s inland areas. Due to this, many powers throughout history fought over it. This contributes to part of the town’s rich history and culture. In addition, the town and its surroundings have a breath-taking natural beauty.

How to get from the airport with a car for hire in Corte

There is no airport in Corte, which is serviced by airports in Ajaccio, Bastia, and Calvi. All these airports are within a 30 mile radius and are thus within a driving distance if you have a rental car at your disposal. There is also a railway line that connects the three towns with Corte.

Areas to tour in Corte

The most prominent attraction in Corte is the 15th century citadel. The citadel is built on a rock outcrop at the junction of the Tavignano, Restonica, and Orta rivers. The citadel was used for protection against attacks during wars of the period. The view of the surrounding areas from is amazing. To get to the citadel, you do not need to hire a car in Corte. The citadel is approached through a winding staircase. The Museum of Corsica at the citadel gives the history of Corsica.

Other places of interest in Corte

In the town of Corte, there are some charming areas with steep narrow streets which you can explore on foot. However, to get to other places, you do need to rent a car in Corte for convenience. Place Paoli, with its statue of Pascal Paoli, is a must see to understand the history of democracy in Corte. Make a stop at the Church of the Annunciation before heading to the mountains. The mountains are ideal for hiking and can be accessed with a vehicle from a car rental in Corte or by foot. It will all depend on your starting point.

Other beautiful places you can get to with a car for rent in Corte

There are many charming places around the town of Corte which you can easily get to with a car. You can take a ride to Sant'Antonino, the oldest and most beautiful village in Corsica, which dates back to the 9th century and sits on a 500 m granite block. However, you cannot enter the village with a car because the streets, from another era, are much too narrow. Another place of interest is picturesque Calvi with its beaches, several historical monuments, and an interesting harbour. The beauty and relaxed atmosphere of Calvi is amazing.

A trip to Corte and the surroundings is idyllic charming and romantic. It is suitable for honeymoons, family vacations or personal getaways. It will not disappoint, for there are many places to explore and numerous things to do. This will be a trip to remember in all your life.

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