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A vacation in France definitely calls for a visit to the Angers region and specifically to the city of Angers. You can expect a delightful stay amidst the pretty flowers and its famous medieval chateau while taking a leisurely walk in the town centre. Angers' history dates back to the Roman era, and the city has gained immense importance ever since. The River Maine, which is lined with nurseries, runs through Angers, offering an idyllic setting for a romantic walk.

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Way before the year 453, when the city was ruled by the Romans, Angers was called Juliomagus. Subsequently, the city saw many different ruling families who left a great legacy in the form of various architectural wonders. Now, the modern Angers is a lovely city with a steady pace of life and brilliant scenery. You can hire a car in Angers and head to the surrounding towns for a nice family time.

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Angers is known for its resplendent chateau that stands tall with 17 towers. Built by Louis IX in the 13th century, the Chateau d'Angers is famous for its Apocalypse Tapestry, which is one of the largest from the medieval era. In recent times the chateau has been converted to a museum. Once you are done admiring this major attraction, rent a car in Angers and visit the Cointreau distillery. Get to know the distilling process and end your tour with a taste of this famous drink. Another great place for a family picnic is the Terra Botanica, a unique theme park that is dedicated to plants. It covers around 27 acres and has over 40 rides for everyone to enjoy.

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Angers is just one and a half hours away from the fantastic city of Paris. However, there are many nice towns around Angers that are perfect for a weekend getaway. If you are looking for a long drive, then make sure you take a car for rent in Angers and head to the Loire valley. It has quality vineyards and a serene environment which is different from the busy city one. On the way, visit towns like Les Ponts-de-ce, Trelaze, Les Alleuds, Luigne, and Brissac-Quince to get a taste of the local way of life. If you are not fluent with the French language, then it will help to carry a language phrase book to communicate with the locals, as most people do not speak English.

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Like most of Europe, the best time to visit Angers is from April to September, after which it starts getting chilly. So plan your vacation to this yet-to-be-explored city and enjoy the best of France.

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