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Toulouse in France is known for attracting tourists from different parts of the globe. Toulouse has quite a well-known history that can be traced to ancient times. There are some wonderful historical monuments in Toulouse, such as the Les Jacobins Church, the Saint Etienne cathedral and Pont Neuf. The best way to check out the wonderful sights in Toulouse is by using the car hire Toulouse services.

A History of Toulouse

Toulouse has a very elaborate history. Between 118 B.C and 418 A.D, Toulouse was occupied by the Romans. In 418 A.D, Toulouse was taken over by the Visigoths. Toulouse experienced great prosperity under the Visigoths, even as the rest of Europe witnessed setbacks in the period of migrations. The Merovingian Franks occupied Toulouse in the years between 508 A.D, to 768 A.D. Under the Franks, Toulouse experienced anarchy and decline.

During the middle ages, Toulouse was affected by the Catharism movement. Catharism preached separation of the spiritual existences and the material existences. This was also the time when the University of Toulouse was established, in the thirteenth century. The French Revolution in the eighteenth century changed the social and the political structure of Toulouse. It now became the battle house of the French forces.

Car Hire Services in Toulouse

Prior to your travel to Toulouse Blagnac Airport, you can compare car rental prices and hire a car with us at Toulouse airport rental cars to explore the city of Toulouse. The car hire Toulouse airport services is a hassle free and convenient way of exploring the city. When you rent a car in Toulouse airport, you can have a personalized tour of the city at you convenience. You will be taken to all the major tourist destinations in Toulouse. There is no need for you to go through the hassle of using public transport in Toulouse, once you hire car Toulouse airport.

Tourism in Toulouse

Toulouse houses some very famous historical landmarks. One of these is the Saint Sernin Basilica which was built between the thirteenth and the sixteenth centuries. Another well-known church in Toulouse is the Notre Dame de la Dalbade. When you use car hire services in Toulouse, you will not only visit these two well known destinations but also several other entertaining tourist destinations. With a hired car can plan your schedule accordingly, so that you can get to visit as many places that are worth seeing in Toulouse as possible, during your stay.

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