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Pau is a popular city in France, visited by tourists from around the world. There are numerous tourist attractions in Pau, such as the Chateau de Pau and a tennis court and golf court which dates back to the nineteenth century. The best way to explore Pau would be to compare prices and book a car at car hire Pau online with us for convenient tour of the city.

Pau – A Historical Perspective

Pau became the capital of Bearne in the year 1464. In the early years of the sixteenth century, the Chateau de Pau was converted into a residence for the kings of Navarre, who were also the viscounts of Bearne.

Pau is the birthplace of the French king Henry IV. The French king Napoleon III during his reign refurbished the Chateau de Pau as well. He added streets in Pau which reflected the Belle Epoque architectural style. Pau became an important center for equestrian events and winter sports during his reign. Charles XIV who was the king of Sweden, was also born in Pau in the year 1763. His original home is still in good condition and is accessible to the general public.

Easy Care Hire Pau airport Services

The Pau Pyrenees airport is located about ten kilometers from the northwest of Pau. You can therefore easily book a car at car hire Pau airport services online to get to Pau and for your travel around the city. When you hire a car pau airport, you will be able to experience the major tourist attractions and sights in Pau with ease. Book a car at rent a car in Pau airport and enjoy a splendid holiday.

Visiting Tourist Attractions in Pau with Car Hire

There are numerous tourist attractions in Pau, with the most prominent one being the Chateau de Pau. It was here that King Henry IV of France was born. It was also used as a holiday home by Napoleon when he was in power. The Chateau boasts of a fine collection of tapestry. Pau also has some British influence, which can be witnessed when you see the golf and tennis court built during the nineteenth century by the British. So when you hire the Pau airport rental cars, you will be able to conveniently travel to these locations. Also, you can drive to some well known entertainment joins in Pau such as the Galway Irish pub.

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