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Nimes is a renowned city in France. The city has an abundance of historical attractions such as the Roman ampi theatre, the Marison Carree which is a Roman temple and the Saint Castor of Apt cathedral. The best way to explore this scenic destination is to compare prices and book a car at car hire Nimes online prior to your visit.

Nimes – A Historical Perspective

Nimes has a very rich history, which dates back to the time of the Roman Empire. Nimes became a colony of Rome, before 28 BC. The Roman Emperor Augustus made Nimes the capital of the Narbonne province. It was under Augustus that Nimes achieved much glory.

Nimes gained prosperity during the period of the French revolution in the eighteenth century. The population of Nimes also grew, causing the city to expand in its size. It was during this period that the famous Notre Dame Saint Castor cathedral was recreated, as well as the palace of the Bishop and several other mansions. Such a renaissance, strengthened the industrial and manufacturing vocation of the city of Nimes.

Nimes was affected by an economic crisis in Europe during the nineteenth century. The revolutionary period awakened religious as well as political antagonism leading to a reign of terror. However, by the middle of the nineteenth century, order was restored once again in Nimes and it became the metropolis of the Bas Languedoc.

Easy Car Hire Nimes airport Services

The Nimes airport is located nine kilometers away from the south east of the city. It is therefore rather convenient to hire car Nimes airport services in order to explore the city. When you rent a car in Nimes airport, you can drive at your own convenience to see the most prominent tourist destinations in Nimes.

Tourism In Nimes

There are many lovely tourist destinations in Nimes. The Nimes airport rental cars will take you to sites like the Musees de Beaux Art de Nimes, which is the most well-known museum in Nimes, the roman ruins such as the Roman temple known as the Maison Carree built during the first or second century AD and the cathedral which is devoted to Saint Castor.

The car hire services in Nimes can be a wonderful and a convenient way to explore this beautiful historical city.

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