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Nantes lies to the northwest of France in the Pays de la Loire region. It is also the capital of the Pays de la Loire region. It is located on the Loire River and is the sixth largest city of France. The population of Nantes is roughly 800,000 inhabitants. The climate of Nantes is a temperate as well as Mediterranean one with warm summers and cool and pleasant winters. If you are visiting Nantes, book a car at Nantes airport rental cars after landing at Nantes Atlantique airport (NTE).


Nantes was a Gallic region under the Roman civilization. Repeated invasions on the city by the Saxons, Franks, Britons and the Normans almost nearly destroyed the city. During the 18th century, Nantes became a centre for slave trading. After the French Revolution, it became a part of France and was established as an industrial city in the 19th century. Nantes was named the greenest city of France in 2003 by the French weekly magazine, L'Express. TIME magazine named Nantes as ‘the most livable city of France in 2004.

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Nantes is known for a variety of reasons. From its architectural beauty to its natural beauty, Nantes is one of the nicest parts of France. The city is famous for its Petits Buerres biscuit factory which was established in 1909. Besides, Nantes is also known for its beautiful mansions on the riverfront of the Loire. The city is also known for being the home of the science fiction writer Jules Verne. Compare our prices and book online to pick up your car at hire car Nantes airport for a tour of this city.

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Nantes, like many other cities in France, has much splendid architecture such as churches, castles, mansions and so on. You can rent a car in Nantes airport to see these magnificent sights. Among the most famous sights are Castle of the Dukes of Brittany, the Cathédrale Saint Pierre, the Place Maréchal-Foch, and the Basilica of Saint-Louis. There are also many museums such as the Fine Arts Museum of Nantes, the Nantes History Museum, the Jules Verne museum and the Pays de la Loire regional contemporary art collection to name a few. To cover all the prime attractions the city has to offer, book online or call us.

If you are in Nantes, you can use car hire Nantes to drive around this beautiful city and visit the many museums and churches.

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