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La Rochelle is situated on the Bay of Biscay to the west of France. It is a seaport Pertuis d'Antioche opens into a strait. Since it is located by the sea, the city does not experience extremes of temperatures and the weather remains mostly pleasant throughout the year. The population of La Rochelle is around 80,000 inhabitants. The La Rochelle lle de Re airport (LRH) is the best way to reach the port city. You can rent a car in La Rochelle airport to drive around the city.


The Gallic tribe of Santones was the first inhabitants of La Rochelle during antiquity. It was later founded in the 10th century as a fishing village and was brought under English rule in the 12th century. The city went through the Hundred-year War, the French Wars of Religion and other revolts over the years till the modern city was established in 1864. It is now a model of urban economy.

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La Rochelle is mainly known as a port city which has maintained its beautiful architecture throughout the ages. It is also known for holding the biggest musical festival of France – the FrancoFollies, every summer. The festivals take place over a week with concerts and celebrations. In 2009 the festival celebrated its 25th anniversary. You can visit these concerts with the services of La Rochelle airport rental cars.

The city is known for its architectural beauty. It has various ports, the most famous one being the Old Port. Due the history of the city, it also has a number of churches and secret roads lined with arcades. It has many aristocratic houses that you would love to visit. Take a tour around La Rochelle with hire car La Rochelle airport.

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Since La Rochelle is a port city, the most enjoyable and adventurous thing to do is to take part in the water sports around the coast of the town. The city also has a very lively social life with numerous restaurants, clubs, and music concerts. There is also an aquarium and a botanical garden for quieter visits. La Rochelle is best discovered and experienced with the great services of car hire La Rochelle airport with its affordable rates. It is the best car service available in the city.

Soak in the beauty of this amazing port city on the coast of France and enjoy its history and heritage with the trusted car hire company of car hire La Rochelle.

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