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Dijon is located in the eastern part of France and it is the capital of the Burgundy province. It has a population of about 155,460 people. The weather in Dijon has humid summers, and heavy rainy seasons but the perfect time to visit the city is in spring when the weather is pleasant and beautiful. After reaching the Dijon airport (DIJ) you can hire car Dijon airport to travel around the city.

History of Dijon

The city of Dijon was at first a Roman settlement. The region developed into one of the most cultured parts of France by the 15th century. It was wealthy and powerful and a center for the arts and sciences. Dijon was the centre of renaissance arts, sculpture and painting. At present, it is an industrial and cosmopolitan city. Dijon is mainly famous for its exotic mustard which is strong and fresh and some of the finest French cuisine.

Things to do in Dijon

You can rent a car in Dijon airport to drive around the city and see all the beautiful sights and architectures. Since Dijon has a long and rich history, it has many sights and places of visit. There are many renaissance, Gothic and Capetian architecture and churches and cathedrals including the Notre Dame, the St. Michel Church. The Well of Moses is another place you must visit. There are also many museums like the Musee des Beaux-Arts and the Ducal Palace which are interesting places and you can visit them by using the Dijon airport rental cars.

Car Hire Dijon

Dijon holds a lot of motor sports events, football and ice hockey. Travelers will find these refreshing to watch. Every autumn, the Gastronomic Fair is held and once in every three years, the International Flower Show, Florissimo is held. The nightlife in Dijon is vibrant with bars, music, dancing and live bands. The car hire Dijon airport is a great way to visit all these fascinating places. With this service you can enjoy the best of Dijon.

Dijon is a lovely place to visit for its historical charm. It is steeped in culture and has many beautiful places to see. The best way to travel Dijon is to use car hire Dijon. With their unique services, and affordable prices your visit to Dijon will be worth remembering.

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