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Bordeaux is a small port city located in the South Western part France on the river Garonne. Bordeaux has a pleasant oceanic climate. The port city is served by motorway and a rail station as well as an International Airport; the BIQ airport located some 8km from the city centre. Bordeaux is designated with the title of the “City of Art and History” and as such travellers from far and away flock to the city to experience its heritage. If you are looking to spend your vacations in Bordeaux then Bordeaux airport rental cars will help in making your stay in the city more memorable.

Bordeaux- History

Cave paintings found in the famous caves of Pair-non-Pair in Bordeaux suggest that the port city was inhabited since the Neanderthal period. By 300 BC a Celtic tribe settled in to the city. The Romanians took over the city by 60 BC and later on by the end of the 6th century it was taken over by the Merovingian Kingdom. 18th century saw the city flourishing with many important buildings being constructed in this period. By 1945 Italy had established a Navy Base at Bordeaux.

Bordeaux is one of the largest wine producers in the world and has a series of vineyards spattered through out the countryside of the city. You can visit these vineyards by hiring cars from car hire Bordeaux airport services.

Things to do in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is known for its monuments of Gothic and Romanian architecture. You can have a first’s hand experience of pre historic life style when visiting the caves of Bordeaux. The cathedrals and churches will remind you of the architectural geniality of the period and will make you to stop and marvel at the grandeur of the buildings.

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