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Finland is basically a Nordic Country and shares a border with countries like Russia, Sweden, Estonia, and Norway. The best thing about this country is that you get to see many sea fortresses, the most famous one being Suomenlina. This country was also named a World Heritage site by UNESCO. If you want to see all the beautiful cities, including Akaa, Alajarvi, and Espoo, it is best that you hire a car in Finland.

Enjoy the beauty of Akaa by getting a car for rent in Finland

Akaa is a small city in Finland. What attracts tourists to this intriguing place are the small cottages situated throughout the city. This city was established in medieval times, and it is known for its parks and lake. The most famous lake in the city is Vanajavesi. This is not a very big lake. On one of its sides is Akaa Park and this whole setting makes for a perfect picnic spot. Visit this spectacular area by getting a car for hire in Finland.

The small yet very charming Alajarvi

Alajarvi is situated in the western region of Finland. The population is small, but that is what attracts tourists; it is not overcrowded. You can roam around the streets even at night, as it is quite safe to do so. The shops and cafes are quite small. However there is this one supermarket, Lidl, which is famous throughout Finland. It has everything, from groceries to high scale boutiques. Visit this market and buy yourself some little souvenirs.

The fun loving city of Espoo

Espoo is a city larger than Akaa and Alajarvi. It is in fact the second most populous city of Finland. This city is also known for its universities. Many people in Finland come to Espoo for higher education. The most famous university is Aalto University of Technology. This mini museum of a university is of great importance and attracts many tourists. But to avoid disruption of classes, tourists are allowed to see the museum only after the college classes are over.

Car Rental in Finland is the best way to enjoy your vacation

If you want to have the best time in this place, then rent a car in Finland. In this way, you can free yourself from the inconvenience of taking public transport. When you hire a car you will also be able to go to more cities, like Jamsa and Kaarina. Make use of the opportunity that a car rental service can give you. Rent a car during your vacation and have a comfortable trip as you go for drives to interesting sites.

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