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The city of Tórshavn was named after the Norse god of thunder, Thor. In fact, Tórshavn means Thor’s harbor. Tórshavn is surrounded by the villages of Kirkjubøur, Toftir, Saltnes, Koltur, and Kvívík. It is not only the capital of the Faroe Islands but is also the main and largest settlement among the islands. The city was founded in the tenth century, but to date, the city has a population of 13,000 people, which is a pretty small amount of inhabitants. Such is the reason that Tórshavn has been able to maintain its cozy and historical atmosphere. The best time to visit Tórshavn is during the months of June to September.

Exploring the city with a car for rent in Tórshavn

Despite its size, Tórshavn is a bustling and thriving city. Numerous people choose to visit this part of the Faroe Islands because of its rich history. You will not have a difficult time exploring the city on your own. Local transportation options are available, including a taxi service and a bus network in the city, but it is better to rent a car in Tórshavn so that you can easily get to your next destination at your own disposal.

Places to visit in Tórshavn

One good reason of traveling to Tórshavn is that it is a very friendly place to visit. You will learn a lot about the city’s rich culture when you explore some of the top tourist destinations offered in the city. The places that you need to visit include the following:

  • Nordic House. The Nordic House is one of the most significant destinations in all the Faroes Islands. It currently serves as the main host of exhibitions and inter-Nordic cultural activities.
  • Listasavn Føroya. This historic art museum is situated at the northern end of the Tórshavn Park, and you can easily visit this place with a car for hire in Tórshavn. After you have visited the Nordic House, you can easily drive to this site and continue your exploration.
  • Tinganes. Tinganes is the old part of the city wherein the Faroese Parliament is situated. It has a collection of small wooden houses with turf roofs, so it is no longer a surprise that thousands of travelers visit this part of the city. Some of the houses here date back to almost 500 years ago.

Best time to visit Tórshavn

Even though you can visit the city of Tórshavn anytime throughout the year, you may want to schedule your tour during July or August. This is because there are two festivals that are celebrated during these months. Respectively, these festivals are called the Olai Festival and the Jazz, Folka and Blues Festival. These festivals attract lots of tourists from all over the world, so it is best to hire a car in Tórshavn early to avoid running out of vehicles to use during your trip.

Something to remember about car rental in Tórshavn

The city has a 600-kilometer network of well-maintained tarmacked roads, so you can easily drive throughout Tórshavn without any difficulty. However, you have to remember that sheep are free to graze on both sides of the main road. Thus, you have to keep a lookout for any crossing livestock. In addition, parking in the town is restricted. A DKK 200 fine is imposed for parking violations.

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