What is a Supplier Rating?

To assist you in selected an offer we have provided a star rating evaluating each supplier on carhiremarket.com. The evaluation includes: value for money, customer rating about the supplier and service satisfaction provided by the supplier. Based on this three components, we determine a star rating that can help you selected a car rental offer.

  • Value for money
    This component is based on a qualified assessment from our car hire specialists. They weigh up several factors including, but not limited to, regional conditions, offer inclusions and quality of the car rental fleet.
  • Customer Rating
    After our customer have dropped-off their car rental we send a customer survey, which asks them to review their experience with their car rental provider.
  • Satisfaction of Supplier
    This section provides a rating based on the service provided by the car rental supplier. This section is made up from a combination of speed of the car rental supplier in responding to queries, friendliness of the staff and overall customer satisfaction with the supplier interaction.