What do the vehicle group codes stand for?

Every car hire firm has its own code for the vehicle groups. However most do try to follow a standard format known as ACRISS.

The first letter stands for the vehicle category:
  • M= mini
  • E= economy
  • C= compact
  • I= lower mid-range
  • S= mid-range
  • F= upper mid-range
  • P= luxury, L= top luxury
  • X= special cars

The second letter stands for the vehicle type:
  • B= 2 door
  • C= 3 door
  • D= 4 door, W= estate
  • V= van/minibus, L= saloon
  • S= sport, T= cabriolet
  • F= 4x4
  • P= pickup
  • J= off-road
  • X= special (refers to a special feature that is guaranteed to be in or on the vehicle)

The third letter stands for the type of transmission:
  • A= automatic
  • M= manual gearbox

The fourth letter stands for the equipment level item, climate control:
  • M= without climate control
  • R= with climate control

An example you may see could be this: EDMR
  • E= economy
  • D= 4-door
  • M= manual gearbox
  • R= with climate control

For further car hire codes (e.g. insurances and items) please click on the link below

car hire abbreviations