What do I need to remember when picking up and dropping off the hire car?

  • When you pick up the car:

    The rental agreement
    Read the rental agreement carefully before you sign. It is also useful to remind yourself what exactly is included in the offer because often at the rental station the supplier will try to sell additional insurances or extras that may not be necessary.

    The rental vehicle
    Check the rental vehicle for damage with an employee of the supplier. Make sure to get them to confirm this check in writing. Make sure that the rental supplier only charges the credit card the deposit amount.

  • When returning the car:

    The rental vehicle
    If the rental station is open during your drop-off, repeat the instruction above: checking and marking for any damage and getting and employee of the rental station to confirm in writing. If the rental station is closed, we recommend that you document the condition of the rental vehicle using a camera or camera phone.