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For many tourists Equatorial Guinea is an ideal country for the adventurous type. It is like a magnet to the intrepid, because of its many activities and attractions. This former Spanish colony offers visitors exotic wildlife and amazing volcanic views on the Bioko Island. In addition, it also gives them an enjoyable time at the soft sandy beaches in Corisco.

Get a car for hire in Equatorial Guinea to reach Bata

No trip to Equatorial Guinea can be complete without a visit to the city of Bata, which is the capital of Rio Muni. The city invites you to revisit the colonial past of the country. Even though the city has undergone a lot of transformation after the discovery of oil, it still retains some buildings that are from the Spanish era. The streets of Bata are chockablock with many restaurants that offer scrumptious and delicious local cuisines and many western dishes. The availability of quality accommodations also supports your travel plans to Equatorial Guinea. The best part of the city is that you can easily drive around because the roads are generally not congested. The smooth flow of traffic will allow you to drive comfortably. So, get a car for rent in Equatorial Guinea now.

Camping in Evinayong

While you are in Bata it will be feasible for you drive to Evinayong, which is located south of Bata. This city gives travellers the chance to find nature in its original form, untainted and untouched by man. You can camp here with your family or friends near many small waterfalls. Also, after enjoying some peace and serenity in the city during the day, you can join the vibrant nightlife of the city that will keep you up till the sun rises.

Enjoying Malabo

You can enter Equatorial Guinea either by landing in Bata or in the capital of the country Malabo. As soon as you land, you will find the city in the midst of an oil town activity. It has many restaurants, bars, and hotels that have sprung up after many westerners came for oil exploration and refining. Being part of the Spanish Colonial Empire, it still has many landmarks of the colonial days. While you are in Malabo, you can stay at Sofitel Malabo Presidential Palace hotel, which is near many places of interests. These include Cathedral de Malabo and the Universidad Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial, all of which you can easily explore by availing of a car rental in Equatorial Guinea.

Hire a car in Equatorial Guinea to explore the wonders of the country

It must be stated here that Equatorial Guinea is the ideal place for the adventurous and bold tourists. The country may offer many attractions, but there are some precautionary measures that you have to keep in mind. Try to avoid taking pictures in Malabo unless you have permission by a police officer. Other than this, you can plan a great road trip around the country if you rent a car in Equatorial Guinea. You will have a great time and you will surely come to this city again and again.

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