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There is something special about Malobo and it is not just the fact that it is located on the rim of a sunken volcano. It is the capital and the second largest city of Equatorial Guinea and the quickest way to get there after landing at the Malabo Santa Isabel Airport is to get a car hire Malabo airport.

The airport is only 9km away and you can take advantage of the great and exclusive deals and hire car Malabo to move around the city.

History of Malabo

The city wasn’t always named Malabo, as it was formerly known as Port Clarence. It was first founded by the British in 1827, who leased the island from Spain. Back then, it was used as a naval station to curb the slave trade.

When it came back under Spanish control, it was named Santa Isabel and it was chosen to replace Bata as the capital city. In 1973, as part of a campaign to replace European names, Malabo got its current name.

What to Do, See and Eat

Malabo has yet to be developed as a tourist destination but with recent discovery of oil, businesses are moving in at a rapid pace. If you are travelling to the city whether for business or leisure, rent a car in Malabo airport.

You can take a drive around Malabo as the city has some beautiful Spanish buildings and the harbour offers a gorgeous view. You can visit the Malabo Cathedral and this Spanish Gothic style cathedral is definitely worth a visit.

While driving around with Malabo airport rental cars, try to look out for the giant fruit bats that will be hanging on the trees on the road to the harbour. They are unique creatures and certainly something you don’t want to miss while in Malabo.

If you are in the mood for a bit of shopping, then the marketplace is place where you can find an assortment of fruits, vegetables and traditional fabric and crafts. If you are looking for something even more relaxing, there is no better way than to relax on the beautiful beaches.

For an adventure you can also climbing Piko Malabo volcano but a special permit must be obtained from the Government.

For great food with a great view, head on to Mesa Verde, a restaurant overlooking the harbour, which serves excellent Spanish and local food.

Being closed to the sea, fish is of course Malabo’s specialty. Restaurants such as Gue-Gue and Four Aces have excellent fish and if you are looking for something more familiar, then Pizza Place is the where you should go.

So, whether you are there for a business trip or holiday, there is nothing easier than car hire Malabo to move around the city.

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