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Marsa Alam is a town located in the southeastern part of Egypt on to the western shore of the famous Red Sea. There has been a tremendous increase in the tourism after Marsa Alam International airport opened in 2001. Located near the Tropic of Cancer, the town is a good destination, as you can look out over the Arabian Desert meeting the Red Sea. A car for hire in Marsa Alam is vital if you want to travel around the town and reach different destinations without wasting much time dealing with local transportation.

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The town of Marsa Alam is known for its famous beaches, all of which you can easily get to with a rental car. One of the prominent beaches which have become popular is Abu Dabab beach. You will come across a number of turtles flocking around the beach. You are sure to come across at least one turtle when you dive into the sea near the beach. If you are interested in looking for marine wildlife, you will come across octopuses, crocodile fish, and sea snakes. It is a great experience to watch these marine wildlife animals swim across the deep water.

Scuba diving

If you like adventures and are up for some serious game, you can then look forward to Red Sea scuba diving activity. Elephinstone, well known for its advanced scuba diving location, is a few hours boat ride from the town. With a little luck, you may also come across a man-eating oceanic white tipped shark. The location has powerful currents and gives a beautiful diving location for deep sea lovers. Take part in the activity and experience a whole new performance that elevates your senses and refreshes your body, mind, and soul.

Red Sea diving safari

A diving safari is run by environmentalist and longtime diver Hossam Hassan. Explore the depths of the Red Sea with this experienced diver who has pioneered diving to greater depths in the Red Sea. Rent a car in Marsa Alam to reach the diving safari without wasting a lot of time with local transportation.

Hire a car in Marsa Alam to explore the city

Explore the beautiful city of Marsa Alam with a car at your disposal. The best way to arrange your choice of car rental in Marsa Alam is to visit the website to check which vehicles are available and then pre-book the same according to the dates of your trip. The car will be made available to you from day one, as soon as you land at the airport. The car will also be useful for you to travel to different places such as Quoseir, Safaga, Hurghada, Luxor, and Aswan.

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