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Egypt is not merely about mysteries and pyramids. It has a nice resort town, sitting on the Red Sea Coast, namely Hurghada. The small, undiscovered fishing village was waiting to become a travel gem. Now, it is. With few superb beaches and ideal location near to the Red Sea, it has over 100 different hotels and countless visitors every year.

Travel with a car for rent in Hurghada

Normally, a fewer amount of travelers do think about getting a car for hire in Hurghada. This alternative is becoming more and more popular nowadays. You can hire a car in Hurghada from a wide range of car selection such as Vauxhall, Peugeot, and others. Besides, the all-in-one inclusive package is designed for you who are concerned about your travel pocket and also the car hire quality. Insurance, mileage, a navigation system, and other basic necessities will be included for you.

Flying into the city of Hurghada

Since it has become a touristy destination, major European and Middle East airlines will skip a stop in Cairo and fly you directly to Hurghada International Airport. If Hurghada is in the middle of your travel itinerary, you can look for some domestic airlines such as Egypt Air Express. Everything that requires booking must be cheaper in advance. Prices will normally vary between 400 to 900 Egyptian pounds, depending on which season you will be flying.

Diving in the sea of Hurghada

If somewhere is famous from its beaches, you will highly expect water sports and activities. Similar thinking goes for Hurghada. Its diving experience will not disappoint you, no matter whether you are amateur or professional. Hurghada is appealing with its awesome underwater world and incredible coral reefs. Hiring a scuba diving trainer will be worth the price, because they are so brilliant in teaching someone who do not even know how to swim to dive. Other than that, you can enjoy para sailing, snorkeling, windsurfing, and so on. Since most activities in Hurghada belong to outdoor category, you must check the weather forecast first before planning when to go this fun city.

Easy trip with a car rental in Hurghada

Rent a car in Hurghada can make all the differences on your travelling memories. It seems as a luxury option in those past days. Now, it has changed itself to be put under the essential category like your lodging and dining. With a good car, you may also further your journey in Egypt to other neighboring region such as the nearby cities of Luxor, Safaga, Oena, Akhmim, and Tahta.

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