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The main part of this wondrous land is situated in North Africa. However, it also provides a link between North Africa and Southwest Asia. Therefore, you see an abundant mixture of civilizations rooted in this country. The traditions and the people of Egypt make up the diverse culture, for which it is quite famous. Landmarks, such as the Great Sphinx, which we all have heard about in myths and legends, and the Giza Pyramids are situated in Egypt. To view all of this and many more, it is best that you hire a car in Egypt. With your rented car, you can also visit its three cities: Cairo, Alexandria, and Luxor.

Do visit Cairo by getting a car for hire in Egypt

Cairo is the most populous city of Egypt and the 16th most extensive city in the world. The mosques, the castles, the never-ending deserts and the seas of Cairo, leave you breathless and awed. If you think that Cairo is only about mud castles, pyramids and myths, then you need to think again. The most famous sight in Cairo is Cairo Opera House which is definitely a work of art. This opera house was built nearly two decades earlier, but it still lures tourists endlessly. The tickets are a tad expensive and you can get them online. So rent a car in Egypt and you will be ready to start your sightseeing tour.

Alexandria, a majestic city of Egypt

After Cairo, Alexandria is the most populous city of Egypt. The first thing that catches your attention in this marvelous city, is the broad and very neat roads. It is a delight to take a drive along these roads. But there are other sights to see in this city as well. The most popular sight in Alexandria is the Temple of Taposiris Magna. This is quite an old temple--indeed centuries old. Archeologists have proved that in earlier times, animals were worshipped here, but later it was turned into a church. Now there are only ruins of the temple, but the gothic setting still gives you the goose bumps.

Luxor, a city of temples

Luxor is all about temples, tombs, and castles. It is the typical Egyptian city with less greenery and more monuments. If you have heard of the story of Oedipus Rex, you must be aware of this city as well, because this city is also known as ancient Thebes. The famous attraction in this city is Luxor temple. This temple is now mainly a tourist site, but the statues of its leaders, such as King Alexander, give you a good bit of information about its history.

Get a Car rental in Egypt

If you want to see every facet of Egypt, it is best that you get a car for rent in Egypt. In this way, you won’t miss much of its many interesting attractions. Plus, you can travel in comfort, not like when you travel using public transport. Moreover, in your rented car, you can also visit Port Said and Tanta. These cities are as beautiful as other cities in the country, and will enhance your enjoyment during your vacation. So rent a car in Egypt to make the most of your trip.

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