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Dominica is one of the islands of the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean. It is considered the youngest island in the region, and in fact, its territory is still undergoing geothermal-volcanic activity, giving it some advantages as a tourist destination. It is home to the world’s second largest hot spring, the Boiling Lake. It is surrounded by other Caribbean islands such as Guadeloupe and Martinique. A vacation in Martinique wouldn’t only be relaxing and fun, but also unforgettable.

Book for a Car for Rent in Dominica and Visit Roseau

Dominica is divided into several parishes, and its capital, Roseau is located in Saint George Parish. As a former France and UK colony, expect many different remnants of colonial life in the island, especially in its capital. Book for a car for hire in Dominica and drive around the French Quarter in Roseau. Enjoy the unique architectural styles evident in the different buildings and houses that still exist in the area. If you are seeking for adventure, a side trip to Trafalgar Falls will keep you hyped up.

Get to Know More about the Caribs in Saint David Parish

As a former colony of Western powers, Dominica is nor home to migrants or people with mixed ancestral heritage, as well as its natives, which are mostly driven out of the island. The original inhabitants of Dominica are called Caribs, and only a few of them remain in the island. If you are aching to know more about these people, then look for car rental in Dominica and head on over to the Carib territory in Saint David Parish. Along with all the information that you’ll get from your visit, you’ll also get to see the natural wonders of Dominica as a bonus.

Take a Plunge in Portsmouth

As an island nation, you should let your vacation in Dominica end without going to one of its

majestic beaches. Rent a car in Dominica and head on over to Saint John Parish to visit the second largest city in the country, Portsmouth. Not only is it a popular tourist destination, Portsmouth is also located very near Prince Rupert Bay, giving it an excellent view as well as majestic beaches. Take a dip, or just stroll along the coast, savoring the wonderful tropical weather in Dominica. Not only will you feel refreshed, you’ll also feel rejuvenated as well.

Hire a Car in Dominica and Have an Amazing Caribbean Vacation

If you have been longing for a Caribbean vacation and don’t know where to start among the many islands dotting the Caribbean, then head on over to Dominica for starters. With its hot springs, picturesque sights and views, beaches and the small number of people living in the island, its the best place to start your Caribbean island hopping vacation.

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