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Located in the southern part of Denmark, Sonderborg has an interesting geography. It is divided into two land masses which fall on either side of the Alssund Strait. Two bridges, namely the Als Strait Bridge and the King Christian X Bridge, have been built over this strait to connect the city. Very close to the Danish-German border, Sonderborg locals often hop over to the other side to stock up on cheap alcohol. From a traveller's point of view, this city is a great anchor location to visit Denmark as well as Germany.

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Sonderborg has been an important city since the early days of Denmark. Many a battle has been fought on its coast before it was officially made a part of Denmark in 1920. The historic buildings and monuments that stand on its coastline speak of different times, when the waters between Denmark and Germany were stormy. For a history lover, Sonderborg's architecture and buildings are nothing less than fascinating. You can take a car for hire in Sonderborg and tour these old buildings to re-discover these bygone times.

Top attractions in Sonderborg

A major attraction in the city is the Sonderborg Castle. Although not very lavish in architectural design, the castle has a sprawling area. Built in the old school style, it will probably fail to impress a novice, but students of architecture will find the construction intriguing. The castle is now a museum, but it retains the building, and its interiors have now become a part of the museum exhibit. St. Mary's Church is another popular site, with 17th century structure and impressive wood carvings. If history is not your cup of tea, then you can rent a car in Sonderborg and check out the shopping streets and seaside walkways.

Places around Sonderborg

One of the most frequently taken day trips around Sonderborg is just across the border to a town named Flensburg in Germany. People often head to this place to get a taste of Germany and stock up on supplies. There are many other towns as well, which are all accessible once you get a car for rent in Sonderborg and drive along its scenic motorways. Grasten and Nordborg have beautiful palaces which were homes to various dukes. Even today, some members of the Danish royal family come to Grasten for a summer holiday. Other cities that can be visited include, Augustenborg, Broager, Horuphav, Guderup, and Krusa.

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Sonderborg has the perfect mix of history and modern development, making it a tourist friendly city. As a vacation destination, this city will keep you entertained through its various monuments and local culture, giving you great memories to carry back home.

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